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Used Pickup TrucksUsed Pickup Trucks - Used pickup trucks & used trucks. Used trucks for sale in San Diego, Tucson & Florida. Used 4x4 pickup trucks, used pickup trucks for sale, used ford pickup trucks and access to online sources of used pickup trucks.

The used 4x4 pickup trucks is a list of those very hard to find pickup trucks with 4X4 drive featuring the Chrysler Dodge Dakota 4X4 and access to other online sources of used 4X4 pickup trucks.

Chrysler Dodge RAM Pickup

Ford Ranger 4X4 pickup

this is a very hard to find list of used 4X4 pickup trucks that are available

please undertake additional research against your chosen truck.

Chrysler Dodge Dakota 4x4 2door Pick Up
Five-speed 5-4RFE electronically controlled engine on the Magnum 4.7L engine uses a dual-ratio second gear to aid in towing, passing and gradechange situations.
Most spacious interior among four-door compact pickups.
Standard bucket seats.
Rear seats split 60/40 to allow a better combination of people and cargo.
Rear doors open a full 90-degrees, and have windows that lower all the way down.
Standard 16" x 7" aluminum wheels.
6,100 pound towing capability.
A five-foot, three-inch bed that's the largest among four-door compact pickups.
It can handle a payload up to 1,800 pounds.

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