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Used pickup trucks & used trucks. Used trucks for sale in San Diego, Tucson & Florida. Used 4x4 pickup trucks, used pickup trucks for sale, used ford pickup trucks and access to online sources of used pickup trucks.

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This is an information site about pickup trucks that are available and how to access them. It should help you find that dream truck you are after whether it be an older vintage, a modern classic or an up to date almost new model.

There is a specialised section on those hard to find 4X4 used pickup trucks as well as a featured article on the benefits of diesel engines. There are also sections on the ever popular Ford and Chevrolet models.

Many of you will want to narrow your search to your own geographical area, so we have included reference to the excellent online autotrade networks that will assist you. These operate with the cooperation and involvement of the auto trade dealers but private sellers list their own pickups as well, so you should have lots of used pickup trucks to look at.

a review of pickup trucks

Americans appreciate the blend of utility and comfort offered by pickup trucks; these workhorses are consistently the best-selling vehicles in the U.S.
In towing and payload capacity, pickups are among the most capable vehicles on the road. Even their traditional shortcomings of passenger comfort and lack of room, have been addressed by newer models which can now seat up to six adults comfortably.

important features of used pickup trucks

A pickup truck should carry both people and things. Often these goals are in direct conflict, as the trucks with the roomiest passenger accommodations tend to have the shortest cargo beds. Five and six-passenger trucks should have beds at least five feet long; two- and three-passenger used pickup trucks should have beds more than six feet long. The more comfortable and car-like, the better.

When equipped with a large engine and the right gearing, most full-sized pickups can tow more than 10,000 pounds. If you need to tow, look for compact trucks that can pull at least 3,000 pounds and full-sized trucks that can pull at least 6,000.

Four-wheel-drive is a necessity if you periodically drive in severe off-road conditions. If not, look for rear-wheel drive used pickup trucks, as these are usually cheaper, faster and have better fuel economy.

Used TrucksTrucks - The used trucks page describes the best methods for accessing online pickup trucks for sale with links to the most popular online auto networks for your used trucks.

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Used Pickup Trucks for SaleTrucks For Sale - The used pickup trucks for sale page describes the vintage, classic and modern classifications and points to online sources of used pickup trucks for sale.

Used Ford Pickup TrucksFord Pickup - The used Ford pickup trucks page has access to pictures of vintage and classic used Ford pickup trucks with a special feature about the Ford Econoline pickup.

Used Diesel Pickup TrucksDiesel Pickup - The used diesel pickup trucks page argues the benefits of the diesel engine on economy and power with links to other sources of information about used diesel pickup trucks.

Used Chevy Pickup TrucksChevy Pickup - Information about used Chevy pickup trucks with a summary of engine options and early models available with links to online used Chevy pickup trucks for sale.

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